Dec 25, 2016

Sujesh Ramachandran

Salesforce Spring 17 Release Lightning features

Spring 17 release note is out, I am just curious to know what is in for specifically lightning. Lets have a quick look into the interesting new features in lightning and few other features as well.

Assign Record Pages by App, Record Type, and Profile
Now you can customize your user experience even more granularly by creating custom record pages and assigning them by app, record type, and user profile. Give your sales managers a different view of opportunities than your sales reps. Also the page activation process has been revamped, now activate a page as the org default, app default, or for the most granularity, assign it to a combination of apps, record types, and profiles all in one place.

Add the Related Record Component to Your Lightning Pages
Use the Related Record component to customize your Lightning pages and display the details of a related record, including the parent record, on any record page.

Add the Related List Component to Your Lightning Pages
Instead of displaying all the related lists for a record, you now get  to pick exactly which list you want with the new Related List component. Instead of displaying all the related lists for a record, you now get to pick exactly which list you want with the new Related List component.

Customize How Related Lists Display on Lightning Pages
Use a new attribute on the Related Lists component to choose whether to display related list items in a list or as tiles on your custom Lightning Pages.

Power Up Your Lightning Pages with the Flow Component (Beta)
Use the Flow component to embed active flows in your Lightning Page. This release contains a beta version of the Flow component for Lightning Pages, which means it’s a high-quality feature with known limitations. The Flow component isn’t generally available.

Add Skype to Lightning Record Pages (Beta)
A new Skype for Business component is available for the Lightning App Builder. To get the Skype standard component in App builder, you need to first activate Skype for Salesforce from Setup->Skype for Salesforce and authorize using your skype account. Add it to your record pages to get Skype controls that let you see who's online, initiate audio and video calls, and chat. To add this component, Skype for Salesforce (Beta) must be set up for your org.

Use the Lightning Design System in Visualforce Pages
Use the apex:slds  element to incorporate the Lightning Design System in your Visualforce pages and align them with the styling of Lightning Experience. This component is an alternative to uploading the Lightning Design System as a static resource and using it in your Visualforce pages. In general, the Lightning Design System is already scoped. However, if you set applyBodyTag or applyHtmlTag to false, you must include the scoping class slds-scope. Within the scoping class, your markup can reference Lightning Design System styles and assets. To reference assets in the Lightning Design System, such as SVG icons and images, use the URLFOR() formula function and the $Asset global variable.

Reference Lightning Design System Assets with the $Asset Global Variable
Use the $Asset global variable to access images, sprites, and other assets that are part of the Lightning Design System. Use it in Visualforce pages that also use the component. Use $Asset instead of $Resource. The variable takes dot notation and SLDS. For example, this markup references a JPG avatar in the Lightning Design System.

Console Apps: Now in Lightning Experience
Console apps are now available in Lightning Experience. Create console apps for your users to let them view multiple records on one screen and easily access utilities and the critical record details they need—all in Lightning Experience. Lightning console apps are available only to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud users. To prevent unexpected issues, don't give other users access to Lightning console apps. Previously, the console was only available in Salesforce Classic.

Enhance Your Lightning Apps with the Utility Bar
The utility bar gives your users quick access to common productivity tools, like Notes and Recent Items. It appears as a fixed footer that users can access to open utilities in docked panels. Under the covers, utilities harness the power of Lightning components. You can add a utility bar to any Lightning app, including standard and console apps. Previously, you could only add or customize a utility bar using the API. For those who are thinking what is a utility bar? Lightning Experience allows you to add your components to prime real estate in any Lightning app so that your users have one-click access to powerful productivity tools. Now, you can access those same productivity tools in a horizontal footer, called the utility bar.

Custom Lightning Components: Develop for Communities

Use the Lightning Component framework to build custom components for Communities.

Write Once, Reuse Everywhere: Support for force:hasRecordId
Lightning components that implement the force:hasRecordId interface now work seamlessly in Community Builder. The force:hasRecordId interface makes a component context-aware by adding the record ID from the component’s page to the component at runtime. Previously, the force:hasRecordId interface was supported in Lightning App Builder and Salesforce1 only. Now it’s supported in communities as well. If you already created components that implement the interface, you can use them in Community Builder.

Access Lightning Apps in Public Communities
Add the ltng:allowGuestAccess interface to your Lightning app to make it available to users without requiring that they register with or log in to your community. This interface makes your Lightning app available to more people, with fewer barriers to using it.
Once you’ve enabled your app for guest access, your app is available as a stand-alone Lightning app at the following URL:
Stand-alone Lightning apps don’t display any Salesforce branding, nor do they use your community template. You have complete control over the visual design of a stand-alone app.

For more detailed information, please go through the official release notes from Salesforce Release Notes Spring '17

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