Feb 4, 2017

Sujesh Ramachandran

About Vanakkam Coimbatore Meetup

Inaugural meetup at Coimbatore memories is going to stay for a while, what an amazing turn out. Never expected the participants will be around 350+ having just 160 RSVP for the event in meetup. 

We(Madan, Ritika, Salma, Veda and myself) reached SNS college in the morning and checked the event happening RNG hall and other primary arrangements done, everything was fine. In the guest room, we had an hour discussion on how we should schedule all the sessions for the event. We had a lite lunch and reached RNG hall before an hour for the event to arrange swags and be ready with the presentation. Slowly students started coming to the RNG hall at around 1:30 pm. 

Around 2:30PM we started the session, and you don't believe it was around 350+ students in the hall. We just started an Intro about Coimbatore Salesforce Developer Group and proceeded as per the agenda planned for the day.

Here is quick details about the agenda:

-Coimbatore DUG Intro
-Cloud Computing, CRM Overview
-Salesforce Overview and Opportunity
-Q & A
-Trailhead Workshop
-Feedback Session
-Cloud Trivia

Q & A session went for a while as students had lot of questions to ask and were able to answer only limited questions and requested them to send questions as email, tweet or in meetup. 

Trailhead workshop went for about 45 minutes and not all were able to participate in workshop as having limited systems and connectivity. "Trailhead guides properly with step by step tutorial, interactive and easy to follow the steps" said by a student of SNS college of Technology in the feedback session. 

I wanted to thank Ravi, HOD of placement at SNS college of Technology and his colleagues for all the arrangements, also Mohan kumar, alumni of SNS college for the support. And finally would like to thank the Salesforce developer community, especially Regina Walton Kavindra Patel and also without the support of Madan Khichi, Ritika Bhargava, Salma Khatun and Veda Hebbar, the event would not have become reality. 

Before leaving we got a chance to meet the chairman of SNS College of Technology, happy to hear from him the bigger plans for the students in the coming days.

Hope we will be able to have many more events in the coming months to share and gain knowledge.

Also, if you would like to see more details about the event, here are few links:

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